Battery Tester

Battery Tester

What is it?

Professional tester allows to check battery condition, specifications and quality. We use it to verify all batteries we sell. We also sell battery testers. You can choose from many models and functions.


Battery tester shows capacity of battery. You can see design capacity for battery and actual.


There are many copy batteries on market which are much cheaper but quality is very poor. Tester allows to check integrated circuit inside battery and easily show us informations about battery manufacturer, serial number, date of production and others.


All iPhone batteries have cycle counter which allows us to check how many times battery was charged. It can be used to compare different suppliers batteries. Check thier lifetime.

Voltage and Amperage

Most important in battery tests are voltage and amperage. We can charge battery using tester and check for these values. If there is any problem it's easy to see wrong numbers on tester.

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